Why this blog?

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One of the things we should all feel entitled to do in life is express an opinion. Quite right too. One of the fundamental watermarks of a free, democratic society is our ability to accomplish this and achieve it relatively untroubled. Of course, with any opinion there will be those who disagree. Opinion, of course, by its very nature is subjective. It is this inevitable subjectivity of opinion that makes it vulnerable to attack and this too is something that should be celebrated.

Arguably, it is the dogmatic rise of social media platforms that have enabled many voices to be heard- rather than silenced. It is these platforms too that have become outlets for change and movement. Now, more than ever, it is increasingly difficult to ignore dissatisfaction with those in power. In the words of Gandhi- these platforms have enabled those who use them “to be the change [they] wish to see in the world”; and this surely is another thing to celebrate.

Up to this point, it is pretty difficult to ignore the incessant usage of the word “celebrate” within this post. Well this perhaps marks a turning point within this blog. It is not intended for celebration- nor is it intended to be a pit of dissatisfaction. Just the view of one angry voice on many an issue. ¬†And that is what this blog hopes to achieve, to express one angry voice within a sea of many. One that might be easy to ignore, but not so easy to silence.


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